Is Aberconwy House haunted?

Well, yes and…  Our Aberconwy House isn’t haunted, at least we don’t think so.  We did have some guests who stayed who were all interested in the paranormal and reported ‘moving on’ a spirit of a middle aged man who was trapped in one of the bedrooms, not knowing why he was still here, but really? No, we haven’t experienced anything of the ‘spooky’ kind in the 10 years we have been here.

So why yes then? Well we did get a funny phone call the other day from a ‘paranormal society’ asking to hire our property between the hours of 9pm and 2am to detect paranormal activity… transpired that they had got the wrong Aberconwy House and actually wanted the medieval merchants house in Conwy also know as Aberconwy House.

Aberconwy House NT  Aber Conwy Castle Street 12080078  aberconwy-house-20141002164127

Aberconwy House, Castle Street, Conwy is the oldest house in Conwy, with parts dating back to the 14th Century and is now owned by the National Trust. It is built with a timber framed upper storey jutting over a stone built ground floor and cellar. It has been adapted and reworked through the periods and shows rooms that appear Georgian, an attic that is Jacobean in style and a Victorian bedroom and corridor. It was nearly baought by an American who intended to ship the building back to the USA.

Aberconwy-House-fire place aberconwy-house bedroom aberconwy-house room

But what of the ghosts? An Evan David is the first recorded owner of the house and it is thought his wife has been seen standing next to the fireplace in the Jacobean loft.  In fact the loft is where most activity seems to occur, with the strong scent of flowers being smelt and people experiencing the odd poke in the back when up there. Floorboards creak and doors rattle or slam and footsteps have been heard from the loft when there was nobody in there.

In Victorian times, 1850-1880, a Mr Jones and his wife, who was much younger, lived in the house.  It is reported that Mr Jones died on day of the birth of his seventh child and that his ghost haunts the Victorian style corridor, dressed in Victorian clothes.

Downstairs, which is now a gift shop for the National Trust, plates and pens have been moved during the night.

Conwy Castle 275px-Plas_Mawr Smallest house The Liverpool Arms Conwy

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