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Perfect Porches Please!

Well we had our most prestigious car park line up for a while with no less than 8 perfect Porche cars in the car park at Aberconwy House at one point over one weekend in September this year. The Porche Club Great Britain Region 19 from the south east of England pulled up to spend their annual get together in Snowdonia and while we had 7 of our 9 rooms filled with the drivers of these great cars, our neighbour at Tyn y Fron took the remainder in their 5 rooms.

The burly engines could be heard at 7am as they warmed up and crept down the lane and roared out into the Snowdonian mountains for an early morning spin to see the sun rise and enjoy just a little freedom at speed on the wonderful well kept roads of North Wales.  At that time in the morning traffic is extremely light and I think that they fully enjoyed the scenery as much as the space to put the foot down on the accelerator. Beautiful images of the both the cars and the mountains were captured by the group, some of which you can see below and this was all done before returning to Aberconwy House for breakfast!  The sun shone all weekend and the Porsche posse motored on down to Portmeirion for the day on Saturday.

We enjoyed the group staying with us at Aberconwy House and were delighted they had booked direct with us, giving us the opportunity to ensure their needs were met and that the entire group could stay across a couple of B&Bs that were next to each other.  We look forward to seeing some or even all of the Porches and their drivers again.

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