We’re all going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo – what about you?

At the beginning of the summer holidays I took our children to Chester Zoo for the day, well from about 1 pm until the gates were closing at 6 pm! So armed with a ‘wet weather walk’ (a print out via the Chester Zoo website), a camera and plenty of dosh we ventured forth. It turned out sunny so we didn’t need the ‘wet weather walk’ just the map you get on entry and we worked our way round. We saw loads of animals, everything from rhinos to flamingos, elephants to fish, bats to giraffes – Chester Zoo has them all.


We’ve always loved zoos and since the television series ‘Our Zoo’ dramatising the book of the same name, which details how Chester Zoo came into being through the eyes of the daughter of the founder of the zoo, we have been further interested in what this zoo has to offer. Then just as the summer holidays began Chester Zoo opens phase 1 of it’s islands project, so a visit seemed a definite choice of how to spend a day of the summer holiday. We worked our way quickly to the island area and it has been produced superbly, with detailed structure, thoughtful and generous planting and to top it all a boat ride including an on board guide (I think we had ‘Wendy’) who delivers the zoo’s information about the further development of the island project and all about the animals that are already in situ. It was informative, fun, fascinating and we can’t wait for phase 2!







After the boat ride, we tasted street food Chester Zoo style (not that authentic – but tasty) and continued on our way to the Bat house, cheetahs, lions, chimpanzees, orang-utans, jaguars, camels, aquarium and many more. At 10 to 6 my feet were aching, we had over 240 photos and my 11 year old would have been happy to have gone around again – but it was a search for the car, which proved fairly easy as we were one of the few left in the car park!076

We would highly recommend an afternoon, or even a day at Chester Zoo, whatever the weather, after all they do provide a ‘wet weather walk’ too!