Surfin’ in North Wales – not the USA we know, but it just goes to show you don’t have to go all the way to the States to get the big splash when it comes to surfing – what are we talking about? Surf Snowdonia of course and if you watched The One Show on Friday 17/07/15 there was an entire feature about the making of Surf Snowdonia, here’s the link if you want to watch, it’s available until Friday 24/07/15.

Let’s face it, when you come to Wales you usually get a little wet – no Californian sunshine here unfortunately – so why not get a whole lot wetter and have a go at surfing.  Just 18 minutes from Aberconwy House and you are in the town of Dolgarrog and at the former aluminum rolling and casting works is Surf Snowdonia. The size of 6 full size football pitches 300mx113m and boasting both a 1.2m (for intermediates) and a 2m (for advanced) barrel waves, peeling perfectly for 150m there is plenty of surf for all.

For spectators you have a 50m glass fronted gallery to catch the splash and a surfside cafe bar and coffee shops, plus s soft play shack for little ones.  The Surf Academy caters for all levels of ability and you can book in for Free Surf time, starting at £40.00 per hour or lessons starting at £70.00 per hour for beginners.

For just plain water fun you can always try ‘Blobbing’ – jumping onto an enormous inflated ‘Blob’ and getting catapulted into the lagoon! Grab your wetsuit (or hire for £5.00 for the day) and have an adventure, try something new, get ‘amped’; whether your a local old hand at this stuff or a ‘benny’ with a board the waves are waiting for you.

Opening 1st August – all Free Surf and lessons are bookable now