Snowdon marathon 2014

Gotta keep on running….

We are now in the middle of the season and boy what a season, we are very busy and at times it does feel like we’re running a marathon, started in February at a slow but increasing pace and built up speed around Easter, and now stepping out at a strong and steady pace day in, day out before the slow down in the Autumn and the finish line at the end of November.

As a new user of a ‘Fitbit’ that tracks my heart rate and activity through the number of steps I have made, I’m pretty sure running round Aberconwy House is keeping me fit! Averaging around 12,000 steps a day (10,000 is recommended to keep you in general health) this business cuts out the need to go to the gym! Stuart completed the London marathon several years ago and while running is something that we have both done as a hobby from time to time, we now find that running round the guest house in full season is often enough for us these days.  But if it is your thing and you love running in beautiful scenery, fresh air and a combination of road and track there are plenty of opportunities in North Wales.

Snowdon MarathonFrom the Snowdonia Half Marathon in May, starting and finishing in Llanrwst, just 4 miles up the road; the North Wales Half Marathon in July, offering a beach and mountain challenge and the Conwy Half Marathon in November, voted in the top 5 most scenic Half Marathons in the UK by Readers of Runners World, to the full on Snowdon Marathon on the 24th October encircling Snowdon and providing one of the most challenging marathons in the UK.  Last year, 2014, more than 1700 runners took part.  North Wales offers great events to push your endurance and stamina.

If you want to give running in the mountains a go, there is a great site with lots of training camps and helpful advice about fell running at  Of course at Aberconwy House we can offer you a great start to your running day with freshly cooked breakfasts and comfortable beds to fall into at the end of your day. So grab your trainers, get set and go!

Alternatively, you can just watch the runners jog on by as you amble along at the speed most comfortable to you!

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