What's in a Name?


Aberconwy House is one of the more pronounceable Welsh names and there is a story attached to why our guest house has this name. First of all Aber means estuary and therefore Aberconwy’s translation is strictly Conwy Estuary House – doesn’t quite have the same flow to it (excuse the pun). But as we are situated within a short stroll of the Conwy River, which inevitably leads to the Conwy Estuary it is perhaps apt.  However, this is not how our guest house got it’s name. Aberconwy House has been a guest house in Snowdonia for at least 50 years and at least 20 years ago the owner at the time decided that a name change was a marketing strategy that was worth the risk.

Obviously, 20 years ago there was no internet, Google, or quick look up service, the way people found hotels, guest houses and B&Bs was to use either guidebooks or the yellow pages directory and most of these worked on an alphabetical system – so thinking like a true business B&B owner, the name was changed to Abercowny House, being first A then Ab in the directories. As a result dictating that this guest house would be at the top of the list and at the front of the book – smart move.

Of course, today most internet listings alternate the top spot and so this doesn’t work so much in our favour today.  What was the name changed from we hear you ask? Coed y Celyn – translates to Holly Tree, which would have been an equally nice name Holly Tree House don’t you think?  We actually found the old slate name plate when we moved in and have put it up outside the kitchen door at the rear of the house as a measure of respect of the old house name.

Aberconwy House NTThere is an alternative Aberconwy House to visit in Conwy – now a National Trust property, it is a 14th century merchant’s house and is remarkable as it is the only medieval merchant’s house in Conwy to have survived the turbulent history of the walled town over nearly six centuries. We think it is well worth a visit although we believe you will prefer the bedrooms at our Aberconwy House!


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