Kate Winslet

You don't have to be Kate Winslet or Bear Grylls to tackle Snowdonia

According to Mailonline Kate Winslet has joined Bear Grylls for an episode in his new series Running Wild with Bear Grylls which airs in the USA on NBC on 27th July.  They tackle various mountains in Snowdonia and set up camp together.  How well will the Hollywood star adapt to the rigours of mountain hiking and roughing it under canvas?  Pretty well we would imagine, as she’s good ol’ hardy Brit and has a down to earth attitude to boot.

Well, you don’t have to be a glamourous A-lister or a survival specialist to tackle the mountains of Snowdonia, but a few basic supplies and some idea of what to do when out hiking in the mountains is a good idea, especially when the weather can change rapidly and conditions can vary from sea level to mountain top.

Here’s a list of the basics that all hikers should have:

Essential Clothing/Equipment

  • Water proof jacket
  • Waterproof over trousers (Tip; Ensure you can put the over trousers on whilst wearing your boots)
  • Hats
  • Gloves (Tip;If rain is forecast, take at least 2 pairs)
  • Walking Boots
  • Rucksack (25-35 litres in size depending on how much stuff you want to carry)
  • Food for the day. You will be burning off twice the amount of energy you normally do, so bring enough food. Sugary snacks aren’t a good idea. Foods like bananas, dried fruit, flapjacks & sandwiches are good.
  • Water. On hot days you can drink up to 4 pints/2 litres of water. Platypus water sacs are a great way of carrying water.
  • Flask. On cold days a warm drink is nice to have.
  • Personal Medicines (Inform your guide on the day of any medication you are taking)

If you have never walked in Snowdonia we recommend you use a guided service, Seren Ventures have always proved popular with our guests and they do a Snowdon guided walk, Snowdon Horseshoe and Tryfan guided walk.

So get the glad rags off, the go-for-it kit on and come hiking in beautiful Snowdonia – oh and for the really ambitious you could always invest in a Bear Grylls survival kit! 

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